Product: Tambor (TL02)

Available Models: TL01 , TL02

Category: Pendant Lighting

Material: Olive Wood, Acrylic Plastic, Fiberboard

Dimension: D=460 mm | h= ~80 mm

Package Size: 500×500×90 mm

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Communication with Audiences

Design Developers

Are you an art collector, or interested in unique concept products?

In Pratic [LAB] we fabricate prototypes of each final product in small quantities and limited time. This pilot production is a part of the R&D process of product design and optimization. Most of this process is done by designers. Due to the experience-oriented process and the time, physical and mental strength used, the product made will be more vulnerable than products optimized for industrial production. Customers of these products are generally interested in the artistic and aesthetic aspects of product design or creativity and innovative ideas presented in them. It is possible to order these concept products, provided with Pratic™ exclusive packaging, and certificate of authenticity, during the inventory period, through Pratic [Store], and other linked concept stores. Many products will no longer be produced after they’re sold out or will be handed over to the producers as an industrial plan with changes.


Are you a manufacturer?

One of the goals of Pratic studio is, establishing a connection between designers and producers with a focus on the originality and the possibility of exports. Pratic industrial designs cover a diverse range of materials and manufacturing applications, ranging from home production scales based on a combination of manual and digital manufacturing to factory mass production, depending on the product. The studio is ready to hand over each of the projects in the form of different plans to the producers. All designs have the originality and possibility of legal registration of industrial design ownership for the manufacturer. Also, the designs have been tested before being presented to the manufacturer, the production challenges have been overcome, and are supported by the studio regarding the technical points of the design. If you want to cooperate in the field of production, you can contact us through the communication channels of the site.


Pratic studio is a creative startup that enables production based on new ideas, designs, and the potential marketing of this activity with the view of increasing the value of work (intellectual-practical) against the value of raw materials. The durability of this idea and its effectiveness will be affected by the amount of material and spiritual capital attracted by our like-minded people. If you want to invest in the production of any of the products or the development of design ideas in the form of new products, we will welcome your cooperation, and you can contact us through the communication channels of the site.

Design Developers

“Design-Driven Production” forms a part of the vision of Pratic studio. Such a vision will not take in without dialogue and synergy between designers. In this regard, the studio, additionally providing some services to designers through Pratic [Lab], welcomes the development of Pratic [P] exclusive product designs by other designers. If you have an idea or design that is compatible with the type of our attitude and products, and you want to produce it, or you have a suggestion for improving and developing our products from a design point of view, you can send us your design or suggestion via email. We will review your ideas and contact you as soon as possible. Obviously, in addition to the intellectual property of the design, commitment to your authorship rights is also one of the most fundamental principles of this cooperation. If you wish to cooperate, your design, with the name and signature of the designer, will be produced as a Pratic™ product.